Joanne Darrell Herbert, R.P., M.Ed., CCC ✊🏿 🏳️‍🌈 

Why might someone consider talking to a Registered Psychotherapist?

  • When there is great unhappiness in a family, it can be helpful to bring in a 'referee' of sorts. A trained psychotherapist may help families to communicate better and to have more fun together! 

  • Relationships can be challenging and sometimes, we need help in figuring out what is not working. A trained psychotherapist can help two people to become un-stuck in a relationship and either move forward together or away from each other in the healthiest way possible. 

  • Feeling inexplicably sad, angry or overwhelmed, a challenge at work, school problems, or questioning one's own sexuality are some reasons people look for help from a psychotherapist.

What is your approach?

  • My approach is primarily Humanistic. I offer a safe, confidential space where you can explore what is happening in your life.  Sessions are led by you and I offer guiding questions. If you are experiencing challenges in an intimate relationship or within your family, we will work together to try and become more aware of what is happening and to explore options.

What is the cost and will my extended health plan cover it?

  • The cost per 50 minute session is $185.  Some extended health programs will reimburse a fixed amount per year for therapeutic services. Some plans indicate that coverage is provided only for psychologists while others specify that Registered Psychotherapists with Master's degrees are covered. Note that I am a Registered Psychotherapist.